Zoe Miller Award

About the award

Financial planning and advice is a great industry. The work provides immense personal satisfaction in being able to assist individuals to achieve their vision of a successful life. In this industry you have the opportunity to see the many different paths taken by your clients and learn a little bit from each along the way.

If the industry has one flaw however, it's a gender imbalance. There simply aren't the number of women in the role of adviser as there should be. The Zoe Miller Award is an effort to change this. It's my hope that the existence and promotion of this award will encourage more young women to give the industry a try and see if they like it as much as I do.

The award is $500.00 and is presented to the highest achieving female student in the Introduction to Financial Planning subject at University of Canberra.

About Zoe Miller

Zoe Miller is my nan. Numbers, dollars and calculations will always have a place in financial planning, but it is the combination of these elements with personal values and goals that makes it unique.

I haven't come across a better example of this than my very own 21st birthday present from my nan. She sent me a cheque for an amount that I thought was a little strange. Something like $72.58 (I wish I'd saved the cheque). When quizzed about the rather precise figure, it was explained to me that the first grandchild to turn 21 had received $50.00 and all subsequent grandchildren had their birthday present indexed to inflation, in the interests of fairness.

Zoe Miller passed quietly in her sleep on Friday 3 March 2017. She is survived by family and friends who will miss her dearly.

Award Winners

  • 2010: Kate Gillespie
  • 2011: Beixi Zhang
  • 2012: Alisha Rosenfeld
  • 2013: Tiahn Rukavina
  • 2014: Sara Rizia
  • 2015: Ashley Maloney
  • 2016: No award made
  • 2017: Alexis Currier
  • 2018: Adya Vats
  • 2020: Miriam Glatz


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